About Maila

At the age of 15, Maila started taking photos using her rectangular portable Kodak film camera. Growing up in the Philippines, she had to carefully count every last shot she snapped since rolls of film were not cheap and she had to wait until the photos were developed before even knowing whether the shot worked out.

Her love of photography was for a time hindered as a result of financial constraints her family faced. Although she studied Mass Communication in university, she graduated with a can-do attitude complimented by borrowing equipment as well as getting help from classmates.

Purchasing in 2010 her first DSLR – a used Canon 1000D – convinced her photography was the art she wanted to pursue. Passionate about shooting images of people as well as her surroundings, she also loves the simple joy such pictures can bring to those who see them.

Shortly after relocating to Canada in 2012, she enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography's Fundamentals of Digital Photography program. Since then, she has strived to continue learning by reading a variety of material and watching instructional videos that offer advice to help further enhance her craft.

A firm believer that photography is a continuous art, she refuses to stop learning and remain stagnant. To keep up, a photographer must evolve and constantly challenge themselves -- especially in a time when cameras have become more affordable and just about anybody can get one and start taking pictures. The only thing that will set you apart is your style.

Currently residing in the pleasant and picturesque town of Sundre, a small community nestled cozily in the Alberta foothills where she and her partner Simon decided to call home,  Maila also enjoys cooking and baking. But photography is a big part of her life, and she enthusiastically looks forward to continue capturing memorable moments for as long as possible.


Tel. 403-819-3946

Email: contact@mailaleoncito.com


211 11A Ave., NE

Sundre, AB T0M 1X0





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