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A snapshot of Sundre

I’ve previously shared some insight into my ventures as a photographer and offered some tips gleaned from my own experience . This time, I wanted to tell you a bit more about a little place called Sundre: the town where I operate my business and where I find my inspiration to be creative.

Sundre is a small town in central Alberta, roughly 100 kilometres northwest of the city of Calgary along Highway 27, which is also known as the Cowboy Trail. It is home to give or take 2,700 people, including some colourful characters, talented professionals, community-minded volunteers, and plenty of lovely individuals. The main industries that sustain the local economy are forestry, agriculture, ranching, oil and gas, tourism, and a new cannabis production facility. Aside from having three mini roundabouts and a bunch of potholes that seem to stir up controversy, the open backcountry is just on our doorstep to the west.

Living in a town with such close proximity to the mountains while still being near the city is wonderful. We have natural trails that you can take and enjoy in a wooded area called Snake Hill and along the Red Deer River, which you can soak yourself in during a sizzling hot summer day. We also have amazing golf courses, campgrounds, and affordable yet satisfyingly delicious food served by several restaurants in the area. Your options are all but limitless!

The town also takes pride in providing cultural venues such as the library, an arts centre that hosts concerts as well as theatre productions, and the Sundre and District Museum, which features a pioneer village and the Chester Mjolsness World of Wildlife. Sundre is also the home of the late John Stone, who was an amazing artist, and the late Myron Thompson, who remains very dear to the community for accomplishing so much in the world of public service and politics.

Additionally, Sundre has two schools, a hospital, an elder citizens' lodge, two clinics and pharmacies. The town also offers a community centre at a very reasonable rate or for free – just ask, it's a great venue to host a variety of events. Of course no Canadian community would be quite complete without a hockey arena, as well as a curling rink, which during the summer offers a perfect venue for a weekly local farmers' market. But unlike most small towns, we have an indoor pool called the Aquaplex, which has a waterslide and indoor fitness centre. Near the pool is a top-notch skate park that is frequently busy during the summer, while numerous playgrounds are located throughout town

Another fun thing about Sundre is that there is so much to do. The boondocks are just a few kilometres away whenever you feel like reconnecting with nature -- the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, Eagle Lake and Burntstick Lake, among others, are never far away. You do not even have to go anywhere, because there's usually something going on right in town. We go out for the Sundre Pro Rodeo and annual parade, Bulls and Wagons, the Mother's Day Fly-in Breakfast, Snowfest (a holiday shopping event formerly known as the Sundre Sundown) and the annual Family Day WinterFest activities.

Most importantly, there are many amazing and passionate people who take care of the community. There is always a group or club ready to help whenever it is needed. If you ever make your way out to Alberta, be sure to check out Sundre, we would love to see you here!

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