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Model Call - Wedding Couples

Well, due to COVID, I have been in hiatus following my “porchtrait” series in April for the #PositivityinSundre campaign.

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Before that, I was also trying out glamour photography of empowering women, which was also delayed for the time being due to social distancing. Hopefully, I still get to complete that project sometime in the not-too-distant future.

This is also the year when I was supposed to try wedding photography. I initially had two weddings booked for 2020 — one in July and the other in August. Sadly, I never heard back about the one that had been scheduled for July after the quarantine started in late March. They likely either just decided not to get back to me and found another photographer, or perhaps they just called off the wedding. Nonetheless, I hope they are doing well.

Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

The only wedding I have confirmed so far is a couple who will get married in August, and I am truly excited for them. This lady is a trooper. I have previously photographed her for a project feature that was related to my full-time job. She never complained when I directed her how to lean, sit, stand or pose, which can sometimes feel awkward to get the right angle and composition. Having an adventurous subject who is willing to have fun and get creative really makes a photographer's job much easier. I cannot wait for their big day, and to share the exciting experience that I will capture through my lenses.

Although the wedding season is already far along, I am still hoping to get at least two or three more couples who would be willing to be my subjects for the wedding portfolio I'm putting together. The service is not entirely free, but in a nevertheless highly competitive price range since I will need the couple to sign a model release form in exchange for great pictures of their wedding at an affordable rate.

I know the potential risk of placing your trust in someone who has no wedding portfolio to present. That being said, I can guarantee to work my heart out to capture memorable wedding photos, which will after all be used to build my portfolio and website.

If you know anybody— a friend or relative who hasn’t booked a photographer yet for their wedding — please consider sending them my way. I will only be taking a limited number of weddings at a discounted rate while I continue to expand my portfolio.

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