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My First Log

My journey as a photographer

I will always be grateful for having this man
Me & Simon

Hello readers, I want to take some of your time and welcome you to my blog. In here I will share most of the things that I do as a photographer. I'm hoping that you will support and read my contents.

“I have no regrets!”

This is the first time that I have written a blog in about eight or nine years, so this could be rusty. I have three passions in life: the culinary arts including baking, travelling and photography. In October of 2018, I finally decided to make one of those desires a reality, and started my own photography business encouraged by some advice from my boyfriend's sister.

Although worthwhile, the journey has not been an easy ride. As somebody who came from a foreign country and arrived in a place where seemingly everyone already has a camera -- either a DSLR or smart phones -- I knew standing out would be challenging. I am also in a town with no shortage of talented photographers who have already established their names in the area. Currently, I am at the stage where I need to build up some exposure so people know I exist, and hope to do so by learning more about marketing, networking, and becoming more familiar with taking and editing captivating pictures, all while running a business as well as acquiring equipment and props for my modest basement studio, which we can talk about next time.

There is also the process of getting registered as an actual business, getting insured, creating my website and expanding my portfolio. On top of this frantic itinerary, I also work full time as a banker, and hope to still enjoy outdoor activities like backpacking and snowboarding. After all of the work and expenses that I have put into setting up this business, I'm still a little afraid but more excited than ever. Along the way, I would say I have faced some difficulties and made a few stupid decisions -- which I can share with you another time -- that made me think twice about pursuing this passion. I am grateful for my other half, who has stood with and supported me all the way.

I know the industry can be demanding, and that some seem less appreciative of the work photographers do because of an impression that anyone can take a photo. Of course anyone can point and shoot a camera on automatic, but the question is how good was the image captured? I hope people understand that when they hire a photographer, they are not only paying for the photos, but also all of the labour involved in taking and post-processing those images, not to mention all of the specialized equipment, knowledge and experience needed to come up with a good exposure, lighting and an appealing composition that finds the perfect angles for the clients.

I still have a long way to go and only time will tell whether I will succeed. But regardless of the outcome, I can proudly say I did what I wanted to: I took risks and I have no regrets!

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