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My Year End

OK, before December ends, I just need to write at least one more blog for my website as part of my commitment. Better late than never! The past year has been challenging yet fulfilling for me. Although I started setting up my photography business in October of 2018, the business started operating in 2019.

This year, I learned not only about photography, but also about running my own business, time management and taking care of myself. I have photographed a few families and covered an event. I learned more about studio lighting and posing, including editing using Adobe Creative Suite. I am grateful to my clients who trusted me, especially to the Jollys and Allans who were friends and my first paying clients, as well as the Sundre High School parents; particularly to Monica for giving me the opportunity to cover their event. To all of the models who participated to my callouts so I can practise more, and of course to my other half Simon for being so supportive with the entire process of establishing my part time job as a photographer, and for my family back home for being understanding as well that I have to prioritize my business in order for me to help them in the future. Big sacrifices at this time, but I know someday I will look back on this chapter with no regrets.

At this time, I have completed some projects that included corporate photography and networking with other Filipino photographers. More recently, I have been working on a project with Ms. Alex Dalke, a young, talented makeup artist from Sundre, alongside other empowered women for glamour photography, and we are hoping that this project can inspire other women to love themselves. We are so excited to share this project once it has all been completed.

Now that 2020 and a new decade is upon us, what do I have in store? I am still going to continue to work in my full time job in the financing industry and do my photography on the side. I intend to continue learning and be more grateful than ever. This year taught me to be more appreciative in what I have accomplished and not to dwell too much on failures, but instead take these as learning lessons that can be used to grow and improve. Worry less and focus on matters that I can fully control, because being bothered will only cause stress, which will not help me solve any problems at all.

I would like to end this year on a good note and with positive outlook that this coming year is going to be better than before. Remaining thankful and optimistic are my main goals this year, as well as taking care of my well being so that I can help not only myself but also others.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of the people I worked with and had the pleasure of meeting. I wish everybody a calm, safe, happy and prosperous year for 2020!

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