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Step outside of your comfort zone

Have you ever tried new things that were outside of your comfort zone? Done activities that are not familiar to you? Gone to places that you’ve never been? Were you scared? What exactly did you feel? Did it even cross your mind that you would do such things?

Well, I just did!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know by now that I love photography. I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it. And despite this pandemic still going around, I was lucky enough to recently reconnect with somebody from a collaborative shoot we previously did back in September 2020, a model who also just happens to live in Sundre. Her name is Abby and she agreed to do a fun shoot with me on a Sunday afternoon.

I have past experience posing and photographing models, which for me has been very easy since most of the time they’re already familiar with what to do. They know how to interact and flirt with the camera. They know what clothes to wear and know how to put their makeup on.

So, to shake things up a little bit this time, I asked Abby a huge favour. Aside from just taking her photos, I also volunteered to be her makeup artist, which by the way I’ve never done before. I know how to apply it on myself, but even that doesn't make any impact on my face so I knew this would be challenging for me. Nonetheless, she agreed to be my model — both makeup and camera.

It was time to roll up my sleeves. Fortunately, I already started with a photogenic canvas, so all I had to do was enhance her features. What a professional makeup artist could’ve done in an hour or less, took me at least two hours to finish.

I was so scared to touch her face and apply the first stroke as I patted some primer on her face. But that initial step led me to the concealer and then foundation and eventually down to her lipstick colour. I’ve never before put makeup on somebody else’s face. So, for a first timer, I thought I did a good job. There’s definitely room for improvement, but I’ll settle for what my most recent accomplishment was. To be honest, I never imagined myself applying makeup on another individual, and I did — I really did!

If you’re intimidated by the possibility of failure like me, don’t let your fear of rejection or making a mistake stop you from trying something new.

So, what was your most recent adventure?

And what did you learn from it?

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